Why Is It So Popular To Play The Guitar?

If you’re looking to master an instrument you’re more than likely to have come across the popular guitar. But how can you get started on learning to play the guitar?

In this article we will cover the basics and how you can master this instrument. Note that this is just a general article and we refer to godinguitars.org if you’re looking for specific guitar lessons online for beginners.

– Enjoy!

Everyone Can Learn To Play The Guitar!

You don’t really have to go through either Master Jacob or Happy Birthday to get started with the guitar. Learn to play guitar with us right here that first show you probably the easiest chord on a guitar: E minor. This can be used in many contexts, where he eventually in the video shows how you can combine this with variations of A and G chords to play a Nirvana inspired song.

Practice slowly move your fingers when you play chords and then set up the tempo when you start to get it in your fingers. You will find that it takes some time to turn the fingers to move at the right pace. It all might seem a bit stiff. But you will also find that you quite quickly switch chords when you just have practiced for an hour or two spread over a few days. This is perhaps the best and most important discovery you need to do you when you learn to play guitar – the first surprise at how quickly you can learn to play something by practicing. It is pure muscle memory.

You do not worry about you now have some talent in music. The majority of learning to play an instrument is muscle memory and an exploration of how music is related. It’s not about you can keep time, you can tune the guitar using only the ear, etc. Yet. It’ll come if you continue long enough. Right now you can get incredibly far by just memorizing a few of your favorite songs.


How Long Does It Take?

From there it is that you discover what music can really do for you. The sitting in the car on the way to work and have the song from yesterday on the brain. And you then go home and find that you can move your fingers from chord to chord, much faster than you could yesterday. About three months you may discover how the chords on the guitar is related to the chords on the piano. About six months you may discover that you can easily improvise and flow into and out of the songs on the guitar. About 12 months you may tune the guitar by ear and just start playing as if you had done it all your life. Music is great and the guitar is one of the best instruments to detect it. You just have to practice a little at a time and play it as you wish. As it all comes down the road. Enjoy.

Do you love Tracy Chapman’s tearful soul, the “Fast Car” definitely one of the songs you’ve screams on in your younger years and you simply MUST learn to play on your guitar. As so often with the modern classics, so it is relatively simple to play as it only consists of four chords: C, G, E’mol and D. In this video, Marty, however, teach you first play it a little more tricky finger games, and then subsequently show you how you too can get by with regular rhythms. This means that if you are a little more green in your guitar playing, so you can start by simply playing the chords and so then practice on finger game. Fast Car is actually a good song to practice his finger games for when you just need to use the same three fingers through the intro and verse.

Note also that used Capo to this song on tape 2. This can be purchased online and in music stores for between 20-30 dollars.


Fast Car was released in spring 1988 and was the lead single for her debut album, named after herself. It began a quiet life outside mainstream audiences attention until she performed for Nelson Mandela’s 70th tribute concert in London the following summer. It reached then up at number six on the US Billboard list and has since been voted the 167th best song in the history of the magazine Rolling Stone.

The song is a look back at the early days with hopes and dreams with her boyfriend, but also a reflection on how her life has slipped into the same standstill as her parents lived – with a drunken father and a mother who progressed. “Leave tonight or live and die this way”.

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