Looking For A New Roof?

Roofing advantages and disadvantages

The different types of roofing has different characteristics that you should know and evaluate before choosing new roofing. In addition to cost and durability, it is also important to look at the material’s color and detail, as they are of great importance for housing total expression.

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It is difficult to compare different roofing with each other. But there are some properties of roof coverings, which simplified looked good comparable and that can be classified into either good or less good qualities.

In addition, the roof’s appearance does not matter. The roof must fit to the housing, and therefore it is also an aesthetic parameter which can be incorporated as a property. The look is harder to measure as a “good” or “less good” property since it is different from house to house, the roof covering to match it.


Durability is of course interesting for both your economy and because normally link between long life and less maintenance.

An always discussed topic is price compared to life (durability). The reason for such a conjunction that a roofing that lasts for many years, usually are more expensive.

An exception is concrete tile roofs and steel roofs that have long life and at the same time are relatively inexpensive.


Are all take just close? Both yes and no. Generally all take tight, but you go into details, there are roofs that are not quite tight in all situations. For example, there may well be smaller quantities of water through a conventional tiled roof (pantiles), wherein the tiles are not completely close. A wave asbestos- cement roofs, which is screwed from above, on the other hand is almost 100 percent dense. Under the roofs that are not completely watertight, shall therefore an underlay, which will “catch” the moisture or water in special situations will always penetrate. Roofs that do not require underlay, is often cheaper than others.

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Material Price

Material cost is the total cost of the roofing and possibly underlay, but without the cost of assembly / installation of the roof. For example, the material price of copper many times higher than the steel plates (Decra tag).

Mounting Price

Installation cost is the cost associated with putting the roof, ie the actual execution, and not the cost of materials. For example, it is easier to mount a wave asbestos- cement and hence cheaper than a new tile roof. A new tile roof has underlayment, which requires a lot more work than if there is no underlay, which corrugated cement roofs should not have.


The mounting cost is closely related to the complexity of the work is, i.e., how difficult it is to execute it. The harder a roof is to do, the more expensive it becomes in working hours. If complex roof structures is performed incorrectly, the consequential damage is typically more severe compared to simpler take. It is therefore important that the work performed by people with knowledge and experience in the field.

Requirements for ongoing maintenance

Some roofs require more maintenance than others. For example, a thatch maintained more often than a zinc or copper, and it obviously has impact on your finances, not to mention the hassle.

Should I choose a heavy or a light roof?

The difference between a heavy roof and a light roof is of the roof weight. Originally the heavy roof covering laid on top of the roof’s wooden structure without being secured. It was only of the roof weight that held the roof in place.

Today there is greater knowledge of wind and storm effects, and there is more focus on attaching heavy take for the rest of the house to avoid the roofing rises or blowing away. The light roofing has always been firmly secured to the roof structure with either nails or screws.

Of the roof weight also affects the structure underneath. Beams and rafters must be able to carry the roofing when the material upstairs is heavy like bricks, concrete tiles or natural slate.

Are you considering setting up solar cells or solar sometime in the future, so it’s a good idea to reinforce the rafters, so they can carry the weight. At the same time you can also prepare the brackets so the installation of solar cells or solar heating can occur without there being done damage to your roof or under eaves. When installing solar cells or solar will always be a risk that damage occurs to your roof or under eaves, which can increase the risk of moisture damage.

Medium Duty roof coverings as corrugated asbestos cement, roofing felt, asbestos cement slates, roof building, copper, zinc and glass roofs does not require as powerful a construction. The easiest roofing metal roofs (Decra) and plastic roofs, which requires only a relatively light and fragile structure underneath.

Under normal circumstances, it is not a problem to put a light roofing on top of a roof construction, which previously carried a heavy roof. In contrast, you must be careful the other way.

Want to put a heavy roof covering on a roof construction where there has been a light roofing material, it can very easily lead to the rafters – and in a few cases also walls – must be strengthened in order to carry the added weight.

In those cases it is a good idea to seek the advice of an engineer who can quickly calculate whether the existing rafters may hold for the new roofing and whether to be propped some rafters with respect to stabilization.



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Why Is It So Popular To Play The Guitar?

If you’re looking to master an instrument you’re more than likely to have come across the popular guitar. But how can you get started on learning to play the guitar?

In this article we will cover the basics and how you can master this instrument. Note that this is just a general article and we refer to godinguitars.org if you’re looking for specific guitar lessons online for beginners.

– Enjoy!

Everyone Can Learn To Play The Guitar!

You don’t really have to go through either Master Jacob or Happy Birthday to get started with the guitar. Learn to play guitar with us right here that first show you probably the easiest chord on a guitar: E minor. This can be used in many contexts, where he eventually in the video shows how you can combine this with variations of A and G chords to play a Nirvana inspired song.

Practice slowly move your fingers when you play chords and then set up the tempo when you start to get it in your fingers. You will find that it takes some time to turn the fingers to move at the right pace. It all might seem a bit stiff. But you will also find that you quite quickly switch chords when you just have practiced for an hour or two spread over a few days. This is perhaps the best and most important discovery you need to do you when you learn to play guitar – the first surprise at how quickly you can learn to play something by practicing. It is pure muscle memory.

You do not worry about you now have some talent in music. The majority of learning to play an instrument is muscle memory and an exploration of how music is related. It’s not about you can keep time, you can tune the guitar using only the ear, etc. Yet. It’ll come if you continue long enough. Right now you can get incredibly far by just memorizing a few of your favorite songs.


How Long Does It Take?

From there it is that you discover what music can really do for you. The sitting in the car on the way to work and have the song from yesterday on the brain. And you then go home and find that you can move your fingers from chord to chord, much faster than you could yesterday. About three months you may discover how the chords on the guitar is related to the chords on the piano. About six months you may discover that you can easily improvise and flow into and out of the songs on the guitar. About 12 months you may tune the guitar by ear and just start playing as if you had done it all your life. Music is great and the guitar is one of the best instruments to detect it. You just have to practice a little at a time and play it as you wish. As it all comes down the road. Enjoy.

Do you love Tracy Chapman’s tearful soul, the “Fast Car” definitely one of the songs you’ve screams on in your younger years and you simply MUST learn to play on your guitar. As so often with the modern classics, so it is relatively simple to play as it only consists of four chords: C, G, E’mol and D. In this video, Marty, however, teach you first play it a little more tricky finger games, and then subsequently show you how you too can get by with regular rhythms. This means that if you are a little more green in your guitar playing, so you can start by simply playing the chords and so then practice on finger game. Fast Car is actually a good song to practice his finger games for when you just need to use the same three fingers through the intro and verse.

Note also that used Capo to this song on tape 2. This can be purchased online and in music stores for between 20-30 dollars.


Fast Car was released in spring 1988 and was the lead single for her debut album, named after herself. It began a quiet life outside mainstream audiences attention until she performed for Nelson Mandela’s 70th tribute concert in London the following summer. It reached then up at number six on the US Billboard list and has since been voted the 167th best song in the history of the magazine Rolling Stone.

The song is a look back at the early days with hopes and dreams with her boyfriend, but also a reflection on how her life has slipped into the same standstill as her parents lived – with a drunken father and a mother who progressed. “Leave tonight or live and die this way”.

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Brain Doping can make you twice as effective

In the US Modafinil has become extremely popular

…. amongst lawyers, financiers and students. However philosophers in the US do not believe that it would be unethical if people took part in the current drug craze based around smart drugs such as Modafinil (red. Armodafinil).

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Now, imagine that you can transform yourself from your ordinary, average person to a multitasking Duracell bunny with supernatural powers of concentration. All this just by taking a pill. Sounds crazy right?

In the movie Limitless from 2011 this is exactly what the protagonist played by Bradley Cooper does. From mediocre writer to a successful stockbroker in record time just by consuming this one pill.

It sounds too good to be true, but nevertheless more people begin to take performance-enhancing drugs, also called nootropics. The target group is mainly professionals and students. They do not take drugs to party and have fun, but to be able to concentrate and provide high level of multitasking and performance.

A new study shows that one in six students at American universities have taken ADHD drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall to better cope with the exams.

Anthropologist Margit Anne Petersen from the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen has studied the use of smart drugs. Her studies have mainly revolved around student in New York, but she believes that the phenomenon is quite widespread. Also in business.

“As part of my fieldwork I talked to people who sold these substances illegal, and the business people was clearly a large part of their clientele. Especially lawyers and finance people used drugs, ” – she explains.

Placebo or extreme concentration?

The amphetamine-like drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall, which are among the most popular. For they are easy to obtain, as most know someone with an ADHD diagnosis that can get drugs on prescription from your doctor.

“It seems invigorating, gives confidence and reduces appetite. Many of the students in my study comparing it with a stronger form of coffee, “ – says Margit Anne Petersen and elaborates:

“But even if it is portrayed as a performance enhancer, is that according to several studies question the real effect and it is partly a placebo effect. It seems a little as if it is about creating a good emotional situation, so you can easily concentrate on studying and not have to think so much on social media and other distractions, ” – she says.

Another drug, which is currently extremely popular among American business leaders is Modafinil. The medicine was developed in France in the ’80s to treat sleeping disorders. It was approved by the US authorities in 1998 and has quickly become popular in Silicon Valley and Wall Street circles.

Health guru David Asprey is one of the warmest advocates of Modafinil. He is originally a cloud computing specialist, but has become an icon of the global health trend where people put butter in their coffee.

“It’s magical. Provigil (another name for Modafinil, red.) Is in a class by itself when it comes to your ability to focus, “ – he told CNN.

On his own blog, there are several posts which praise the effects.

“I would never go on a business trip without Modafinil,” writes David Asprey, among others.

Margit Anne Petersen is also encountered Modafinil users in the United States.

“The ones I’ve talked to describe it as that they have tunnel vision when they are on modafinil and other ‘drugs’. Everything else is shut out, and it’s one of the reasons why they want to take it. ”


Smart Drugs Are A Tabu in Denmark

It is uncertain how widespread smart drugs are in Denmark. There is hardly done any studies on the use and it is not easy to find people who would like to comment on their consumption. Margit Anne Petersen believes that the use of performance-enhancing drugs is more taboo in this country.

“It has been very difficult to persuade people to be in my study,” she says. “I’ve interviewed a few people, but they have been very worried about the investigation could preserve their anonymity compared to students in the United States.”

She believes, however, that the most likely going on in this country to a greater extent than we can document.

“We know that, among other things going on in England and Germany. And it is not very difficult to purchase over the Internet in other EU countries, “says the anthropologist.

However, it is not hard to find Danish sides selling various kinds of supplements that can enhance mental ability.

“Although you are suffering from memory problems or need more energy and clarity to the busy life, school, work or examination, we have it that can make the difference between good enough and genius. We have everything in cognition, “writes the website smart-drugs.dk on its welcome page.

Maxi Kniewasser has tried to contact the owner behind the site, but he has not returned our calls. We learn, however, that health authorities are currently working to close the website that sells fabrics with chemical sounding names as Phenibut, Noopept and oxiracetam.






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